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They are not part of the "Letters to the Church" series. What does God want for His Church? For your church? Building on each of the nine chapters of his latest book, Letters to the Church , Francis Chan urges Christ-followers to. Be the Church. With the Letters to the Church Study Guide , be challenged and guided to passionately pursue Christ and His magnificent, beautiful vision for His Bride.

He is currently a pastor of We Are Church, a house church network that is planting churches in Northern California. Francis and his wife of twenty-five years, Lisa, have seven children and one beautiful granddaughter. What would you like to know about this product?

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Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Church, that is much more than just your college waiting-to-be-married population. In order to reflect the demographics of the culture, a church should be reaching a fair number of single adults. Click below for the reflections of a head pastor who was single for the first decade plus of his ministry. Both are short resources that would be ideal for a small group to study together.

If the church is going be a diverse body that reflects the demographics of its neighborhoods, then church leadership will need to be increasingly attentive to the life-stage of single adults. Still looking for more on the topic? For singles- take a few minutes to dream, pray, and think. What are 5 things that you are uniquely able to accomplish in your current stage of life. For married couples- plan a date night to go out to dinner. This should lend meaning and depth to your date this week. Pastor Greear will reveal a profound question that will help you unlock power and joy in your relationships.

Here is a PDF of the small group guide. What special lessons are to be learned from a study of the Bible characters? How can we "eat the flesh and drink the blood" of Christ? What will be the science and song of the redeemed throughout the ages?

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What will be the positive advantage of study of this subject even now? What will be the positive result of our study and meditation on Scripture? What suggestions are offered as to methods of study of the Scriptures? What should precede Bible study? What superhuman help is promised in our study of the Bible? Who is the only effectual teacher of divine truth?

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Notice the repetition of four ways God speaks to us. Communion with God is two-way. What is our part? What purposes are suggested for prayer? List several reasons Jesus prayed often while on earth. What happens to those who neglect prayer? Write out the complete sentence. Four conditions of answered prayer are given. List them. How does God sometimes answer our prayers when we ask for something that would not be a blessing? How is presumption defined in connection with prayer? Under what circumstance only can we expect mercy and blessing from God when we pray? What do you think the Bible means when it says we are to be "instant in prayer"?

See Romans What kind of prayer is "the life of the soul"? How did Enoch walk with God? How might we live as in the atmosphere of heaven? If we keep close to God, what will happen when unexpected trials come? Review the many things God welcomes us to bring to His attention in prayer. How close are the relations between God and each soul? What can take away the subject matter and incentive for prayer? When we neglect association with others in Christian fellowship, how does it affect our Christian experience?

When we do associate in Christian fellowship, how is our Christian experience affected? What would happen in our Christian experience if we thought and talked more of Christ? In addition to asking and receiving, what else should our prayers include? In what spirit should we work for the glory of God? What should be the theme of our most joyful emotion? What problem especially troubles those who are young in the Christian life? What three facts about God are established by reasonable testimony? Why do you think God has not removed the possibility of doubt?

How much of God's purposes can we understand? Rather than to doubt, what should the great mysteries of the Bible cause us to do? Explain how Bible truth is adapted to all classes How should the believer react to the fact that there are mysteries in the Bible that cannot be understood? How do skeptics and infidels react to not being able to understand everything in the Bible?

Letters to the Church Study Guide

Why are there popular theories and doctrines that are supposed to come from the Bible, but do not? Why is it that created beings will never have a full understanding of God and His works? How only can we understand God's Word? How is it possible to read the Bible in a way that may cause injury?

Word Study: Agape - "Love"

What is the real cause of doubt and skepticism in most cases? How only can we arrive at truth in the study of the Bible? In what way may we receive greater light and understanding? What place does experience have in building our confidence in God's Word? When only may we be confident that we will have answers to all which has perplexed us? What is meant? What false idea of the religious life does Satan try to present? Review the lessons of Ellen White's dream of a garden with thorns and flowers. Contrast the effects of reviewing past experiences that have been happy and those that have been disappointing.

Consider the parallels drawn between a complaining child and our complaints about our heavenly Father. What double harm is done by talking about doubts? How may we unconsciously influence others for good or bad? Describe the life and character of Christ. Wherever Christ went, what did He carry with Him? Summarize how we should imitate Christ.

What will make it impossible for us to love others? What do you think it means to "borrow trouble"? Finish this sentence. What two suggestions are made for dealing with business difficulties?

Letters to the Church Study Guide: Francis Chan: -

In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, what lessons in trust in God were learned from the birds? In the same sermon, what lessons did Christ give from the lilies? What are the characteristics of happiness sought from selfish motives? How is the service of God contrasted? What are the "monumental pillars" we are urged to remember?

What assurance do we have regarding trials? Review the happy rewards of heaven. Not by human might or human wisdom was the gospel to be proclaimed, but by the power of God.