Soy una peRRRa (Spanish Edition)

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I Could Rob You

He always says it lovingly, but I've heard it is a derogatory slang term. Please translate. Hi Michelle; I have no idea what the word means, but it seems like a cute nick name your husband is giving you to let you know that you are special for him. Mexican Translator.

Michelle: "Pinche" significa: "Ayudante de cocinero" Good Morning Everyone! Thanks for the replies, but I do not know Spanish. Can someone translate these two replies for me? Michelle, in general terms both David a Otger agreed that Pinche means "cook assitant". David said that it can be used in a contemptuous sense as the equivalent of fucking, but it can also be an affectionate way to call some one. Hope this helps. I guess it also means cook assistant, but I've never heard anyone use it that way.


As I understand it, a "pinche" is a scullery maid. She could be called a cook's helper, but her main job is cleaning pots and pans. This is the least prestigious job in the kitchen, the one requiring the least talent, ability, and experience. It's easy to understand how this word could imply "worthless". I see "pinche" in Mexico less as "fucking" than as "damn, darn, crappy, worthless, no-good" etc. In Nicaragua, "pinche" means "tightfisted, stingy" etc.

I’m the Juggernaut, bitch

Anglo Bilingue. Again, sorry with you. BFJNews Hello people! I'm Colombian and I'm embarrased. We're not all jerks like this.

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Acts like these don't represent our society and culture. Enjoy the World Cup!

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I hope you understand that all Colombians are not like this. For those of you in Russia, enjoy the World Cup and the performance of your team.

Jay Pikete - Perra

Enjoy the world cup and please forgive us. People like the one on the video does not represent us at all.

Swear Words and Extreme Insults (English to Spanish)

Feel welcome to visit our country to see by yourselves how warm and kind Colombians are. Contact Kassy Cho at kassy. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Contact Saori Ibuki at saori.

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  • After Japan Beat Colombia, A Colombian Soccer Fan Made A Japanese Woman Humiliate Herself On Camera.
  • The videos were shared across social media, with several tweets going viral. Twitter: JulianFMartinez. Twitter: ElDonlegal.