A Clap of Thunder

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  4. "clap (of thunder)" in Romanian
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The Demon King had expressed more than once how he enjoyed his constant embarrassment toward sensual pleasures, but that made Xie Lian wonder — would Hua Cheng appreciate if he showed a bolder side during their lovemaking? Xie Lian felt frustrated with his own constant embarrassment, also afraid that his innocence would tire Hua Cheng. The rain was falling, tapping on the roof tiles of the Qiandeng temple in a slow and comforting lull. In the wee hours of the morning, the clouds became fiercer, clashing against each other and producing such an intimidating sharp and loud crack that surely pierced the buildings at the Ghost city.

It was that booming sound that stirred Xie Lian from the peaceful dreams of his conscience. Strong arms were currently around Xie Lian, safe and warm around his waist. An affectionate, rather possessive, gesture from the demon whose chest slowly rose and fell underneath the god as they rested on their divan. Xie Lian still felt his body spent, how his hips ached due to all the exerting the other had put him through, and those heated memories were enough to bring a deep rush of emotions on his weak heart.

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The crown prince exhaled a satisfied sigh through his lips as he inhaled the scent of his beloved. Xie Lian felt his cheeks heating at his own sudden actions. Hua Cheng was currently sleeping, should he touch him like that? Would he appreciate it?

Step 1: My Poem | Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky | Writing with Writers | ajyrugum.tk

Hua Cheng was always so giving and attentive, so happy in providing hours of pleasure to him without even having to be asked. Looking at his own case, Xie Lian felt frustrated with his own constant embarrassment, also afraid that his innocence would tire Hua Cheng. However, more than once, Hua Cheng had reminded him that it was normal for him to carry that innocence with him since he had always ruled his life by pure thoughts and chastity. That was pretty much the opposite of Hua Cheng, who had harbored those heated thoughts about Xie Lian for many hundred years.

"clap (of thunder)" in Romanian

At the same time, who was Xie Lian to judge him when just a few seconds ago he was thinking about the same thing? Well, here it goes nothing, Xie Lian thought. Even in the dark, Xie Lian could distinguish Hua Cheng devious smile. Where did the lightning strike in relation to the teacher's house. There are two possible answers. Some people say it's not good to be on the phone in a thunderstorm.

translation and definition "clap of thunder", Dictionary English-English online

To make the answer unique, replace "She saw a flash of lightning through the window" by "She saw a flash of lightning through the eastern window". So the thunderbolt hit somewhere south east of her house, 3 miles from her house and 5 miles from her friends house.

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Voltage builds up between oppositely charged areas, causing lightning flashes within the thunderhead as well as between clouds. These in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud discharges account for most of the lightning in a storm, but cloud-to-ground strikes also occur. These happen because like charges repel one another, which means the negatively charged bottom of the thundercloud displaces negative charges from the ground below while attracting positive charges.

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  • The air in between initially insulates from electrical discharge, but once the voltage builds up enough, an initial stream of negative charges — the pilot leader — flows from the cloud belly to the ground. As the flow continues, channels for the movement of charged particles develop between the cloud and the ground in the form of stepped leaders. The return stroke is the powerful surge of current from the ground back to the cloud along these channels, which produces the blazing flash we see as lightning. The discharge of the return stroke heats the air around the voltage channel to some 50, degrees Fahrenheit.