Natural Selection (Dan Shepherd series)

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  1. Captain Daniel Shepherd killed in Afghanistan
  2. Captain Daniel Shepherd
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I find that I artistically respond to the physical constraints of the landscape.

Captain Daniel Shepherd killed in Afghanistan

My photography is more directed in a confined location like a botanic garden and then I shoot in a more relaxed way when I am in an open area like a forest. For my latest collections, I have traveled to the great forests of Alaska and open landscapes of California and the new images reflect this evolution of my photographic vision. I continue to use the power of abstraction to filter out the science details in my head which lets me focus on the pure beauty of nature and create unique portraits of the trees, plants and landscapes.

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Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Hutch escapes from a British maximum security prison and starts a new life in Hong Kong. Then a ghost from his past catches up with him, forcing him to help a former terrorist break out of a Bankok prison. Or face life behind bars once more. Meanwhile the Drug Enforcement Administration wants to nail the vicious drug warlord responsible fo rflooding the States with cheap heroin. Jungle-skilled, silent, and lethal, he had killed for the Viet Cong and then for the Americans. He had watched helpless as his two eldest daughters were raped and killed by Thai pirates.

Now, all that was behind him. Quiet, hard-working, and unassuming, he was building up his South London take-away business - until the day his wife and youngest daughter were murdered by an IRA bomb. That was when the Chinaman, denied justice, decided on revenge From best-selling writer Stephen Leather comes an utterly addictive all-action thriller in which a huge terrorist threat to the capital can only be stopped by one man. From the best-selling author of the Spider Shepherd and Jack Nightingale series comes First Response , the utterly addictive new thriller by Stephen Leather.

London is under siege.

Captain Daniel Shepherd

Nine men in suicide vests primed to explode hold hostages in nine different locations around the city, and are ready to die for their cause. Hong Kong: The British administration is preparing to hand the capitalist colony back to communist China with the minimum of fuss. But Colonel Joel Tyler has other plans for the British Colony, plans which involve four Vietnam War veterans and a spectacular mission, making use of their unique skills.

Vietnam was the one thing the four men had in common before Tyler moulded them into a team capable of pulling off a sensational robbery. But while the vets are preparing to take Hong Kong by storm, their paymaster, Anthony Chung, puts the final touches on an audacious betrayal. On their first day of training with the Metropolitan Police, new recruits Jamie, Bunny, and Tina are asked to join a team of undercover detectives, a secret unit involved in the long-term penetration of criminal gangs.

Their target? To close in on their quarry, the three must go back into the outside world and become criminals themselves. But someone within the Met is pursuing an alternative agenda. Someone who has deliberately put their lives on the line. Two murders, thousands of miles apart: one in London, one in Bangkok.

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The bodies brutally mutilated: an ace of spades impaled upon their chests. In Washington, a US senator receives photographs of the corpses. And realises that his past has come back to haunt him. I liked it. Will read other of his books. May 09, Hazel rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Even though this is a short story, it provides a good indication of the excellent writing style and skills of Stephen as an author and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good action story with great characters.

Smashwords – Natural Selection (A Free Spider Shepherd Short Story) – a book by Stephen Leather

I downloaded this story from Amazon for free and as of today, 31st January , it remains free so give it a go, you have nothing to lose. My blog: Reading Stuff 'n' Things Mar 11, Hemantkumar Jain rated it really liked it. Stephen Leather has an eye for detail. His writing is filled with details of the trade and craft related to the subject of the plot. Natural Selection is a kind of introductory story to the character of "Spider Shepherd" - Stephen has written shorts as well as novels with him as central character. It was a nice short story as well as a very good introduction to Shepherd as well as Stephen's writing style I look forward to reading more of Stephen Leather and yeah, more of Spider Shepherd too.

Apr 22, A Reader's Heaven rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-adventure , short-fiction , thrillers , war. This is what a prologue short story should be - lots of action, intrigue and descriptions of skills and weapons that really add some depth to what is already excellent story-telling. The writing is tense and exciting and was really a page-turner.

The story of how Dan got his nickname is kinda cool. Recommended for both new and old Stephen Leather fans. Paul ARH Apr 01, Mandy Walkden-Brown rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-reviewed , action-adventure , own , sas , SAS selection. Their last task is jungle training in the jungles of Belize. Thanks for the delightful description of their repast where Shepherd gets his Regiment nickname.

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Good intro to the Spider Shepherd series. The tarantula eating was much scarier than the firefights they were engaged in, in my opinion. A nice reminder also of how intense the selection course for admission to the SAS actually is too. I've read several of the Shepherd series and it was great to read about the team's origin. Jan 25, Gary rated it really liked it. A short story introducing the character Dan Shepherd prior to the excellent series of books by Stephen Leather.

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I saw this book advertised on Amazon totally free and been as I was already reading the Dan Shepherd series decided to take up the offer. An interesting story that works especially well if you are already familiar with the character, it explains the origin of his nickname 'Spider' and one of his early exploits while on SAS training.

Oct 26, Mari-Elaine rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , thriller.

Biblical Series III: God and the Hierarchy of Authority

Great short story in the inimitable style Stephen Leather has mastered. Whether you are familiar or not with the Spider series this is a wonderful taster of the fine standard of his books. This is a short story from the early years of Dan 'Spider' Shepherd as he goes through selection to become an SAS squaddie. It's a brilliant little story and it gives us the origins of how Dan becomes 'Spider'. The writing is tight and there's so much packed into this short story.

A must for Spider fans out there and a great place for new readers to pick up from. Mar 17, Mark rated it really liked it.

The origin of his nickname at the start of his final training mission in the jungles of Guatemala. Good action and a tight narrative. Set in Belize, Learn some politics of SAS and jungle tradecraft. Spider gets his nickname. Dec 13, Wayne rated it it was amazing. Great introduction to the "Spider" Shepherd character. Aug 22, Joycelyn Cooper rated it it was amazing. Very very good.