The Making of Glasses Malones Beach Cruiser

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Malone: Expect more of my sound, my input and my direction. I went away from the talk of gang banging and focused on the effort and blues from getting money. C and as much as his mannerisms piss me off Kanye West because his music is insane. Standing in front of the stage, Glasses Malone called for the audience to crowd around him. The deejay dropped his instrumental and the sleeping giant was then awoken and become a microphone monster. Performing songs from his debut album Beach Cruiser and inviting a fellow MC from Flatbush, Brooklyn to get some shine, Glasses Malone is ready to blow.

Game — The R.

Glasses Malone - No Sympathy (Feat. Jay Rock)

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Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. All Gospel Interviews Gospel Videos. Tired from a day of appearances and interviews, west coast rapper and Cash Money Records signee Glasses Malone waited for his time to perform.

Awaken from his slumber by his manager, Parle Magazine was honored the chance to speak the man of the Blu Division. Glasses Malone: It feels like kicking heroine or getting a monkey off your back. Parle: Have you made serious changes to the album? Parle: What were some of the latest additions, production and feature-wise?

Parle: Are you still with Cash Money? Malone: Yes I am. Parle: Would have preferred to be releasing your sophomore album now or are you happy with the debut Beach Cruiser? Parle: How did you get the name Glasses Malone? Parle: How was it growing up in California? Malone: It was great. I hope everybody gets a chance to experience it. Parle: Out of the West Coast legends, who did you listen to growing up? Malone: Any Death Row artist or Ruthless artist. Over the course of five months, he studied all of the various influential rap albums and developed a strategy to turn himself into a rapper.

With the help of his older brother Big Fase, they founded the label. It featured such artists as Glasses Malone , Nu Jerzey Devil, along with Game himself, his stage name was coined by his grandmother, a huge fan of the blockbuster , The Game. Game first gained prominence when he attended a hip-hop summit hosted by Russell Simmons and Louis Farrakhan. Game's mixtape reached the hands of Sean Combs , founder of Bad Boy Records , on the verge of signing him to his label. Five months he was discovered by Dr. Dre who listened to the mixtape, produced by his brother. Dre contacted Game and signed him to his Aftermath Entertainment label in Dre decided to have Game work with 50 Cent and G-Unit in order to help build a growing buzz around Game which would fuel interest in G-Unit.

Game made his first cameo appearance in the music video for 50 Cent's " In da Club ", where he is seen dancing with a girl. Since he has made numerous cameo appearances in music videos by 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks.

Glasses Malone: Respect My Gangster

Ross released his debut album Port Of Miami through the label that year, debuting at the top spot on the U. Billboard album chart, with sales of , units during the first week. Ross released his second studio album, Trilla in , once again debuting atop the Billboard Ross was the first artist signed to Diddy's management company Ciroc Entertainment. Roberts worked as a correctional officer for 18 months from December , until his resignation in June In the mids, he changed his name to Rick Ross, he derived his stage name from the former drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross, to whom he has no connection.

While signed to Slip-n-Slide, Roberts toured with fellow rapper Trick Daddy and made guest performances on other Slip-n-Slide albums, his debut album Port of Miami was released in August and debuted at the top spot on the U. Billboard album chart, with sales at , units during the first week. Christian Hoard of Rolling Stone magazine predicted that it would be "the summer's biggest rap record"; the second single was " Push It ", which samples " Scarface ", the theme song from the gangster film Scarface. The music video for "Push It" was modeled after the film.

In March , his second album Trilla was released and, as its predecessor Port of Miami had, debuted at the top of the Billboard , its lead single " Speedin '" featuring R. Kelly peaked at number 21 on the U. I look at the game and the business and all different aspects, it's a lot of great lyricists on the corner that will never properly understand the business and know how to market themselves and get in a position where they can gain capital. I look at all the strategies what made them successful. What made Birdman just as relevant today after selling 50 million records? That intrigues me.

To see the class of Jay-Z , his accomplishments and see how he sits backs and makes his moves. A track from the album called. In the song, Ross speaks on his controversial stint as a prison guard. He implies that while he was working as a corrections officer, he was on the streets. After publication, a spokesperson for the luxury-goods maker contacted XXL to inform them that Ross was sporting fake sunglasses in the cover image, it was revealed that the rapper was wearing authentic Louis Vuitton sunglasses which were altered by Jacob Bernstein , known as "The Sunglass Pimp ".

Bernstein defended his customizations despite Louis Vuitton's insistence that such modification and resale of trademarked property is not legal. Ross had a number of accomplishments in He followed that up by releasing his fourth studio album entitled Teflon Don , released on July 20, ; the lead single was "Super High" featuring Ne-Yo.

Actress Stacey Dash made an appearance in the music video. A second official single was released titled " Live Fast, Die Young " which features and is produced by Kanye. After his release from jail he joined the group Da Franchise, signed by Violator Records but was not successful and disbanded, he was signed by Arista in , by Capitol in , by Universal in , Interscope in , but released no albums. His song All Night Long was included on the Coach Carter soundtrack ; as an underground rapper, his work is not internationally recognized, though he has been rapping on the circuit since the late s.

Remy Ma was featured on the album. Red Cafe was uncredited for featured vocals on Rick Ross ' eighth studio album, Black Market , released on December 4, In he performed at the debut television event of the Urban Wrestling Federation, though the show was never released. It is located within the South Los Angeles region, bordering the cities of Lynwood and South Gate to the east and southeast and the unincorporated community of Willowbrook to the south. Founded in the late nineteenth century as a ranching community, the arrival of the railroads and the construction of Watts Station saw the rapid development of Watts as an independent city, but in was consolidated with Los Angeles.

By the s, Watts transformed into a working class African-American neighborhood, but from the s developed a reputation as a low-income, high-crime area, following the Watts riots and the increasing influence of street gangs. Today Watts is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood with a significant African American minority, remains one of the most impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles despite falling crime rates since the s. Notable civic activities by residents of Watts include the "Toys for Watts" toy drive, the Watts Christmas parade, the "Watts Summer Games" athletic tournament, as well as a local theatre and a dance company, in an effort to improve the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has been featured or referenced in numerous forms of media West Coast hip-hop music, movies and television shows set in Los Angeles; the area now known as Watts is located on the Rancho La Tajauta Mexican land grant. As on all ranchos, the principal vocation was at that time beef production. With the influx of European American settlers into Southern California in the s, La Tajuata land was sold off and subdivided for smaller farms and homes, including a acre parcel purchased by Charles H.

Watts in for alfalfa and livestock farming. In those days each Tajuata farm had an artesian well; the arrival of the railroad spurred the development of the area.

[PDF] DOWNLOAD^^ The Making Of Glasses Malone’s Beach Cruiser by sudarmono - Issuu

Most of the first residents were the traqueros and Mexican American rail workers who constructed and maintained the new rail lines. With this new growth, Watts was incorporated as a separate city, taking its name from the first railroad station, Watts Station, built in on 10 acres of land donated by the Watts family. The city voted to annex itself to Los Angeles in Watts did not become predominantly black until the s. Before there were some African American residents, many of whom were Pullman car porters and cooks.

Schoolroom photos from and show only two or three black faces among the 30 or so children pictured. By , a black realtor , Charles C. Leake , was doing business in the area. Racially restrictive covenants prevented blacks from living in any other neighborhoods outside of Central Avenue District and Watts. During World War II, the city built several large housing projects for the thousands of new workers in war industries.

By the early s, these projects had become nearly percent black, as whites moved on to new suburbs outside the central city. As industrial jobs disappeared from the area, the projects housed many more poor families than they had traditionally. Longstanding resentment by Los Angeles's working class black community over discriminatory treatment by police and inadequate public services exploded on August 11, , into what were known as the Watts riots; the event that precipitated the disturbances, the arrest of a black youth by the California Highway Patrol on drunk-driving charges occurred outside Watts.

Mobs did the most property damage in Watts in the turmoil. Watts suffered further in the s, as gangs gained strength and raised the level of violence in the neighborhood. Between and , police reported more than homicides in Watts, most of them gang-related and tied to wars over control of the lucrative illicit market created by illegal drugs. Key hallmarks of the pact continue to influence life in Watts to date, with colors and territory having little to do with gang-related crime.

Beginning in the s, those African Americans who could leave Watts moved to other suburban locations in the Antelope Valley , the Inland Empire , the San Gabriel Valley , Orange County and the San Joaquin Valley ; the black population in Watts has been replaced by other demographic groups Hispanic immigrants of Mexican and Central American ancestry, as well as by a median proportion of Ethiopian and Indian ancestry.

This demographic change accelerated after the riots. From —, California was a net loser of African-American residents. With new jobs, Southern states have attracted the most black college graduates since Neighborhood leaders have begun a strategy to overcome Watts's reputation as a violence-prone and impoverished area. Special promotion has been given to the museums and art galleries in the area surrounding Watts Towers. This sculptural and architectural landmark has attracted many professionals to the area.

I Build the Tower , a feature-length documentary film about the Wa. He rose to prominence in following the release of "Locked Up", the first single from his debut album, Trouble, he has since founded Konvict Muzik and KonLive Distribution. The labels served as a stepping stone for many soon-to-be successful acts, most notably Lady Gaga , T-Pain , R. He is the first solo artist to hold both the number one and two spots on the Billboard Hot charts twice. Akon has sung songs in other languages including Tamil and Spanish. He was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 1 selling artist for master ringtones in the world.

Akon provides vocals as a featured artist and is credited with over guest appearances and more than 35 Billboard Hot songs, resulting to five Grammy Awards nominations, he has released 6 solo albums, has handled the majority of production on his solo work and guest features. Billboard ranked Akon No. He spent a significant part of his childhood in Senegal , which he described as his "hometown". A child of a dancer mother and a percussionist father, Mor Thiam , Akon learned to play five instruments, including drums and djembe. Growing up in New Jersey , Akon had difficulties getting along with other children; when he and his older brother reached high school, his parents left them on their own in Jersey City and moved the rest of the family to Atlanta, Georgia.

Akon is protective of his birth date, why many media outlets have reported incorrect dates. Akon's three years in jail saw him begin to recognize his music abilities and develop an appreciation for his musical background. Music mogul Devyne Stephens , president of Upfront Megatainment first heard about Akon when the rapper Lil' Zane brought him along to Stephens' rehearsal hall, a place that at the time saw talents such as Usher and TLC being developed; the relationship between Stephens and Akon began as a friendship and mentorship, with the young artist stopping by to ask for advice, with Stephens signing him to his production company and began grooming him professionally.

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Akon knew of Foster's work as producer Knobody and so there was a mutual respect for one another and the pair hit it off. Most of Akon's songs begin with the sound of the clank of a jail cell's door with him uttering the word " Konvict ". In , he released the single "Lonely". When music channel The Box had a top ten weekly chart, calculated by the number of video requests, Akon's "Lonely" became the longest running single on the top of the chart, spanning over fifteen weeks.

Akon was featured on two other singles, P-Money's "Keep on Callin'" off the album Magic City , the other with New Zealandian rapper, Savage with the single " Moonshine ", which had become a success in both New Zealand and Australia, becoming number one in the New Zealand charts. A year in , he made his first critically acclaimed guest appearance on Young Jeezy's debut album, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation , with the song " Soul Survivor ".

In December the same year his manager, Robert Montanez was killed in a shooting after a dispute in New Jersey. In , Akon and Young Jeezy suggested plans for a collaborative album. His second album, Konvicted was released in November and debuted at number two on the Billboard , selling , copies in its first week. After only six weeks, Konvicted sold more than one million records in the U. S; the albu. Capone-E Mr. Capone-E released his first solo album in titled "Mr. He signed a 3-year distribution deal and released his next album " Last Man Standing " in In Mr Capone E released his third album "Dedicated To The Oldies " which he claims sold over 1 million records through swap meets and discotecas, he went on to release "Always and Forever" in , which featured the single "I Like It" with Nate Dogg.

The album featured guest appearances from Kokane , Mr. Criminal and other artists from his label Hi Power. Money issues began to surface between Mr. Capone-E and Thump, which led to unpaid royalties to Mr. Capone-E, he was encouraged to leave Thump based on the number of albums he was selling per release. He received all the rights to his music released under Thump; that year Mr. In , Mr. Capone-E signed an independent direct distribution deal with Koch, released his eighth album, Mr. In Mr. To support the albums he released the mixtape " Los Angeles Times "; the albums were released in In he released an album every month, he did this because he felt that he was not active musically over the past few years and needed to release a lot of music to become more relevant.

After releasing those 12 albums, he chose to focus more on building his label Hi Power and sign more up and coming talent. On March 13, , he debuted in his first movie "Narco Valley", he is currently working on releasing his autobiography "Who Am I" detailing his childhood, his family and ethnicity, his life and career.

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Capone-E founded Hi Power records in with the release of his debut album; the Independent label launched the career of fellow Chicano rap super star Mr. Capone-E at AllMusic Mr. Capone-E Interview at Dubcnn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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