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ISSN 2411-2968 (Online), ISSN 2313-0288 (Print)

In general, the poetry relates to literary and artistic works in verse or prose this interpretation is used in this article. To a certain extent it can be called poetry and art.

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We can compress all the characteristics and interpretation of the terms "poetry" and "poetic language", concluding in general that broad sense poetry is a work of fiction, written in poetic language in verse or prose. Stepanov gives specific interpretation, he says that lyric is a way or a method of understanding the world in the individual perception of a poet [2]. So, we can say that the lyric is a special kind of poetry that expresses the feelings and emotions, and in a more general sense — it is the collection of works of this type of poetry.

Summarizing the works devoted to lyric we may say that lyricism is a complex of stylistic principles that cover both the content and form of the work. In such works of play-writing the attention focuses on the inner feelings of heroes, the external development of a secondary role events. But as soon as the lyricism appear, it takes the hero from the negative category and gives him a belief for a spiritual rebirth.

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We also come to a conclusion that unlike all the other Renaissance playwrights, whose comic and tragic works are often intertwined, in Shakespeare's dramas these contradictions are removed, perhaps because of the lyrical comprehension, there is a special connection with the lyrical drama. Lyrical aspects may also be considered to psychological and emotional characteristics of the tragedy.

Shakespearean Tragedy

At this stage, the playwright draws a person being in a situation of conflict with the outside world; person whose worldview is faced with established social ideology departing from traditional notions of class. The experience through which the hero overcomes, generate internal contradictions in his mind and overcoming them, he discovers new horizons and answers to the questions.

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Shakespeare shows the inner world of consciousness of the hero, who is in search of truth, the world of his feelings and emotions, his philosophy of life that allows to define this text a psychological. A very important role in the tragedy is given to the madness of Lear. A storm in which he falls, the Jester he talks to and the mad Tom are very important, the most significant words in the tragedy belong to their frantic monologues and dialogues.

Through the madness Lear overcomes himself, discovers the truth and rebirths.

William Shakespeare |

Shakespeare deliberately makes his protagonists mad, the same applies to such characters as Mad Tom and the Jester, they both are significant and important. We believe that a great playwright overshadows the mind of his characters for the reason that it raises the mighty stream of lyrical outpourings that is what he does with Lear. And this is why the lyricism reaches its greater or lesser height and depth. Meaterlinck who calls "King Lear" a dramatic poem, the most powerful, exciting, intense and extensive of all ever written [5].

The scope of this tragedy is really unstoppable, it is wider and more energetic than any other dramas.

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It is deep and broad, it is a universal human story, but yet grand in tension effect. Its lyricism is more discreet, more natural, closer to reality, and at the same time hallucinates overflowing. According to M. Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Add to Cart.


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