Dark Musings, Volume 2

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  1. Darker Musings: by David Boiani
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They were hoping to catch Northern Pike or Lake Trout, the typical catch for this time of year. Betsey struggled to get out of the sled once it stopped, her heavy frame a constant burden. Now on her feet, she took her dogs to join their companions. Her boots and puffy attire made her look like the Michelin man. Dragging the dog food from the sled, she smiled as the dogs excitedly licked her face.

Darker Musings: by David Boiani

She also poured some water into another bowl for them as she stroked their soft white fur. She sighed and watched the wisps of smoky air coming from her lips. You have to come see this! His blue eyes were ablaze with excitement, and even though he was wearing a giant parka as well, he looked like a blonde Adonis.

Betsey scowled as she felt wet snow enter her hood and floundered about, trying to get up on her feet again. Dan snorted with disgust at this clumsiness, then used all his strength to pull her up to her feet. His black clothing made him look like an ominous figure against the snow. He stopped abruptly and put his gloved hands on the side of her head.

I think they were attacked by a polar bear! Crap, we better leave! It might come back! The bleak and empty landscape did nothing to calm her feelings of uneasiness. She was out of breath and feeling cold sweat dripping down her back. The wind howled eerily as he led her to an area with patches of broken ice. She gasped at the pools of dried blood which made the thick ice resemble stained glass.

Betsey studied the bloody harp seal carcass and grimaced at the dark red entrails spilling out of it. A thudding sound startled her for a moment. It was Dan kicking the headless human corpse over with his boot. Look at all the cuts and bruises on this guy.

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It looks like an animal mauled him! He cut her off. We should just bury him somewhere, let him rest in peace. Standing up abruptly, Dan walked over to the seal carcass and started poking at it as well. I mean, if it was killed by a polar bear, we should be ok eating it, right? Feeling frightened, she moved closer to Dan to grab his arm. Before she touched him, he fell hard to the ground. The headless man was trying to climb on top of his prey.

Giving a shriek as the headless man and Dan started to wrestle, she ran over to the men and grabbed a leg, pulling the creature off her companion. Though slightly disoriented, Dan got up quickly, leaving his sunglasses on the ground, and started to run. Her sunglasses fell off and she groaned as her body fell on them, smashing them into pieces which dug painfully into her stomach. She felt strong hands grip her flesh and climb up her calves and thighs as she flailed about wildly. Closing her eyes for a split second calmed her down and she managed to release a lightning spell, directing it at the headless body.

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There was a flash of light and crackling noise as the creature flew backwards. Time seemed to stop when she noticed that the body was up on its feet almost instantaneously, torso cocked to the side as if listening to something. She gulped, horrified at the smoke and bleeding flesh injuries she had caused in its chest area. A large, bleeding red eye opened in the middle of the injured tissue, blinked rapidly through bloody tears, and a sliver of a hole opened below it revealing a pink tongue which waved around in the air in a reptilian manner.

Before she could regain her senses to use another spell, the headless man took off, running with incredible speed through the snow. Modern cameras don't allow you to exceed this shutter speed when using flash. This prevents you from accidentally exceeded the sync speed and ruining your shots. These give you a good ability to cut out background light.

But you may find that you have to use smaller apertures large f numbers to help things along when background light is bright.

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One of my faves. Positioning the strobe to just light the subject means only a tiny patch in front is lit, cutting out the rather dull sand around it. Now to the trickier second bit. Those new to underwater photography often ask about what camera setting to use but in reality it's much more about the strobes. Not just the settings but the positioning. You want to position yourself so that ideally you have empty water behind the subject. This makes life a lot easier as the light from the strobe will only be on the subject with none of the background being lit by it.

But in many cases you will have something behind the subject. For example in the header picture for this blog, the squat lobster was in a small hole in a rock face. To light the subject but not the background you need to take time positioning your strobe, moving closer to or further away from your subject and adjusting the power this is partly why we recommend strobes with manual controls. You want to paint your subject with enough light while not lighting what's behind it.

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Having an arm system that gives a good range of movement and lets you place the strobe easily to achieve the results you want is another important consideration. Many of the lower end arm systems don't give you the ability to put your strobe at all points around your camera. You can manipulate your strobe lighting further by using a snoot and we'll talk about that in another blog.

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This long-nosed hawkfish was in a black coral bush on a quite deep wreck. If you do get that lovely shot of something but the background isn't as dark as you hoped or there is something white in one corner of you lovely black background, don't despair. No one went to hell for using Lightroom or Photoshop to do a bit of finessing. Although if you are of a competitive bent make sure you check rules about editing before putting images in a contest.

Some are stricter than others. I'll be back with some more macro musings soon. If you want more specific advice or have a suggestion for a blog subject feel free to get in touch, details on how to do this are on our contact page. Do the same if you'd like a quote for equipment or to book on one of our photo courses or editing workshops dates are on our Events page.